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5 Ways Co-Working can Give Your Business a Growth Spurt!

Co-working has become a fast-paced and fast-growing option for freelancers and entrepreneurs alike. According to Forbes, “The co-working market now has over 7,000 players around the globe,” and as a real estate industry, it is poised for a boom. While co-working can seem like a great solution to the problems of working at home, it can also help you in other ways too: namely, allowing you to grow your business and to reach new heights you may have never considered before.

1. Landing New Clients (Or Simply Getting Consults)

Many people, like Thursday Bram of Hyper Modern Consulting, manage to land new clients everywhere they turn when they’re in a co-working environment. As Bram told The Huffington Post, “I routinely land new clients through a quick chat, especially since in a co-working space, I can immediately show the person sitting next to me exactly what I’m working on.”

In addition, showing others what you’re working on can be helpful even if they are not potential clients. They could, in fact, just give you a little feedback, which can be very helpful in growing your business. Every little bit helps!

2. Better Location

When you work from home, it can sometimes be difficult to coordinate with potential clients. Where they’re going to meet you can vary from a coffee shop to a city park, which can sometimes be hectic and confusing. But if you have your own office space in a co-working environment, you will always have a fixed location in which clients can meet you. This will give your business credibility and respect.

3. Community Breeds Motivation

Sometimes, it can be difficult to motivate yourself day in and day out, especially when you’re working at home. But when you’re in a co-working environment, you and the other individuals there will be able to motivate one another through a shared sense of community. And this will be good for your customers too. According to Greatify, “41 percent of companies that encouraged colleagues to support one another experienced a significant increase in customer satisfaction.”

4. Less


You won’t have the kind of distractions you’re bound to find at home when you’re in a co-working environment. Also, most co-working offices have some sort of rental cost, which is likely to keep the individual working there more motivated and less likely to be distracted. If you were paying for your office space, wouldn’t you get as much work done there are possible?

5. Supporting One Another

Mike McGee of Code Academy told The Huffington Post that he and his co-workers who share a co-working space in Chicago support one another’s businesses, whether by signing up for their services, promoting them on social media, or attending launch parties. This is the kind of business-growing support that you cannot buy or fake: pure contributions and assistance from people who believe in one another’s dreams.

What do you think about our 5 reasons? Did we miss anything? Let us know!


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