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The Mandatory Shameless Plug Post...

Today is a special occasion, one that calls for a very special kind of blog post. It's the kind of post that EVERYONE tells you to avoid like the plague, the kind that makes bloggers blanch and gasp. That's right: this is a shameless plug, and guess what? They actually aren't all that terrible. In fact, they're a necessary evil, especially when they're telling you about the least expensive office option in town right now.

Don't pretend like you've never done this before, we both know that from time to time you have to just come right out with it on your company blog. Right now is one of those times, because we have a new addition at CO Work'n that we are truly thrilled about, and it's hard to cleverly veil your advertising in "content" when you are THIS excited! We walked into a newly configured office today, and are just tickled to announce that we now officially offer a TRUE Dedicated Desk option!

The addition of three individual desks, away from the long communal hotseat tables, means that those seeking a space of their own can now have the best of both worlds at a price tag that is truly startup-friendly. Each of the desks has shelves and a light, so all the space is missing is you (and maybe your laptop, if you use one of those things.) We are offering a promotion to celebrate this awesome new offering: for a limited time, sign up for a dedicated desk for a discounted monthly rate of $150 - you won't find that anywhere else!

Either email us, give us a call at 720-583-5788, or fill out our contact form to schedule a tour and check it out for yourself! What do you guys think of the new space? We want to know!


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