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Introvert? Try Co-Working!

According to the United States Geological Survey, studies have shown that “96 percent of leaders and managers report being extroverted.” In addition, the “extrovert ideal” as discussed in the Washington Post’s interview with Susan Cain is the reason why our offices and businesses cater to extroverted workers while introverts feel like they’re moving to the background.

It’s any wonder that many introverts are making the choice to work from home, to move away from positions that require lots of social interaction, and to essentially take themselves out of extrovert-driven environments…

But is this really best?

Though it can seem like a great opportunity, working from home can also be difficult, and even introverts can experience drawbacks when making this choice.

So if you’re an introvert who is freelancing or working from home, maybe it’s time you consider renting or taking your business to a co-working space.

Benefits of Choosing to Work in a Co-Working Environment

There are many benefits to this type of option. Co-working can help you separate your work environment from your home environment, an issue that many stay-at-home workers are starting to grapple with. Also, these spaces often allow you to rent as much room as you need whether it’s just a desk or a whole office.

In addition, when you’re working in a co-working environment, you can network with others and find business opportunities that will allow you to grow your business and create a stronger program.

I know what you’re thinking, though. You’re an introvert; you don’t want to network. You’d rather deal with fewer people, which is probably the whole reason you got into freelancing in the first place. But trust me, it’s a better option than you think.

Can Introverts Really Do Co-Working?

Yes! In fact, introverts thrive in co-working spaces for a number of reasons.

Co-working spaces allow for introverts to receive daily interactions with people on their terms. Having conversations is completely normal and even encouraged because everyone is managing their own time. You could have a chat with someone while getting ready for your workday, and on those days where you don’t feel like talking, no one will bother you.

While this is a preconceived notion that introverts work better alone, in truth, everyone needs some time to recharge their batteries. 15Five states that introverts and extroverts both find being alone more relaxing than being in a social situation, but work isn’t about relaxing: it’s about getting things done.

Introverts and extroverts both have been shown to be hard workers and to be good at interacting with others in a work environment. And if you are still struggling with this skill, there’s no better place to learn than in a co-working environment, which provides you with the ability to interact but not the obligation to do so.

You Can Try Co-Working Too

It’s important to realize that co-working spaces are a great option for introverts because they give them the privacy and autonomy they crave while also introducing them to a beneficial environment where they can work with like-minded individuals. So what are you waiting for?

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